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Online Registration

Let us take take the stress of taking your bookings with our online booking tool.  Less hassle, less pressure.

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Main Features

  • Entry fees go directly into your bank account.

  • Fees can be set by distance & category and also set to increase by date.

  • Registration for single-day races, multi-day races or for entire series of races

  • Caters for races with multiple distances, multiple categories or both

  • Support for custom questions, eg  T-shirts size, donations.

  • Offer discount codes which can be valid for just a set number of times or for a date range

  • Distribute single-use discount codes, valid for a single race or any of your races.  Ideal way to reward race makers.

  • We can provide a ready-to-use HTML code that provides a link to from your webpage to Registration

Racer Experience 

  • Racers don't have to create an account to register

  • Wherever possible, the racer input is from a dropdown, eliminating input errors

  • Racers select first their race distance off a dropdown (e.g. 5k or 10k) and are then presented with a choice of (age) categories that apply to that distance

  • This makes it MUCH cleaner to choose your race category, no bewildering list that includes each distance / category combination

  • Racers can view a Confirmation list showing which of their competitors have already signed up

  • Registration page provides a Google map to the race site

  • A coach or a parent can register multiple racers and pay once for all

Money flow, pricing and fees ​

  • Racers pay directly to your own account via the payment processor, We do not collect the money as a middleman.

  • Racers can pay via credit or debit card or by using their PayPal account

  • The payment processor clears the transaction, deducts the credit card fees and deposits the balance to your account

  • If using PayPal, an email receipt to the racer and another to you the organiser.

  • Only after registration closes do you have to pay the registration fee.  There is no blanket fee. 

  • The small booking fee can be subsumed within the race fees or added as an additional charge.

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